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Cover a loved one's next consultation with a Kena Health voucher

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How it works

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Step 1:
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We’ll ask you to complete a form with your details.
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All payments happen securely via PayStack.
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Step 3:
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We'll email you a unique voucher code that can be redeemed for one full consultation.
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Step 4:
Share the code

The recipient can download Kena Health if they aren’t currently a user, tap ‘More’ and then ‘Wallet’ to add the voucher code.

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You'll receive two emails:

• One with your payment confirmation

• Another with your voucher code(s


These should come through quickly, but if you haven't received them within the hour, check your spam folder.
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Need assistance with your voucher?

Kena Health vouchers can only be redeemed once for one full consultation. Our tech support line is available if you have a technical problem with adding a voucher on the Kena Health app, contact or 087 250 2257.