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What is birth control?

The goal of birth control, also known as contraception, is to prevent pregnancy. There are many different kinds of contraception. For some forms, such as The Pill, the contraceptive patch or the contraceptive injection, you need a prescription from a doctor that usually lasts for between three and six months.

Renewing your birth control script

For both legal and medical reasons, birth control prescriptions need to be renewed every 3 to 6 months in South Africa.

Things to look out for

Age, weight and lifestyle factors, like smoking and high blood pressure, can all make a difference to which form of birth control is right for you. If you're uncertain about which one is best for you, or you would like to try a different birth control method, simply talk to a doctor on Kena.

Condoms are still important

Don't forget, birth control doesn't prevent STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Even if you're on birth control, it's never a bad idea to use a condom.

How to renew your birth control prescription in 5 minutes or less

How to renew your birth control prescription in 5 minutes or less


Scroll down to 'Express' on the Kena Health App and select 'Renew birth control'

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Answer a few short questions about your birth control

If you don't qualify for a prescription with Kena's Express service, you can always choose to have a standard consultation with a nurse or doctor instead.

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Get a new prescription sent straight to your phone

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How do I know if I qualify?

You will qualify to get a repeat prescription if you...

  • Are over the age of 12
  • Are currently taking birth control, or you've only recently stopped taking it (within the last 3 months) and would like to start taking it again
  • Have been taking your birth control correctly
  • Are happy with your current birth control.

You will need to have a standard consultation with a nurse or doctor first if you...

  • Have never taken birth control, or stopped taking it longer than 3 months ago
  • Are breastfeeding
  • Did not get your current birth control from a medical professional
  • Have been recently diagnosed with certain conditions
  • Had your last period more than 4 weeks ago.

Using our Express Service is simple and easy. If you don’t qualify for an Express prescription, you won’t be charged and you can still start a Standard Consultation with a nurse or doctor for just R185.

Express consultation FAQs

How do I pay?

You can use any free Kena vouchers you may have for an Express consultation, or you can add your debit or credit card details to your Wallet in the Kena Health App.

You will only ever be charged after a consultation, never before, and you won't be charged if you don't qualify for a prescription when using Kena's Express service.

Learn more about payments

Can I still talk to a nurse or doctor?

Yes! If you don't qualify for a repeat prescription for birth control, you will be given the option to talk to a nurse or doctor instead.* They will discuss your specific medical situation with you and see if they can still help you get the prescription you're looking for, or refer you for further follow-ups or tests first.

*Note: Standard consultation rates of R185 per consultation apply for nurse and/or doctor consultations

How do I use my digital prescription?

If you qualify for a prescription for birth control, a PDF of your prescription will be sent to you in the chat. You can take this to your local pharmacy to be filled or email it to your pharmacist. If you have difficulty accessing your PDF prescription, please read our FAQ on downloading and reading PDFs.

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