Kena Health makes quality healthcare accessible to all

With a team of health professionals organised around the needs of patients and the power of technology, our goal is to treat millions of Africans more affordably.

Our goal at Kena Health™ is to improve access to healthcare. Our team-based healthcare approach allocates the most suitable health professional to each patient's unique needs. This model lowers the cost of healthcare, and improves health outcomes for each patient.

We make getting medical care more affordable by dramatically lowering the cost of a doctor’s consultation, whilst allowing you to access it wherever you are, right from your phone.

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Everyone is welcome.

The Kena Health App offers real-world, cost-effective healthcare to millions of South Africans.

Kena empowers people to live healthier, vibrant lives by making affordable medical care and mental health support more accessible.

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Kena Health™ is brought to you by Healthforce™, a South African-based HealthTech company that improves healthcare through multidisciplinary clinical teams, led by nurses in over 450 clinics across the country. Healthforce has conducted more than 1.5 million nurse-led consultations and 135 000 virtual doctor consultations in the last 4 years.

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©2022 - Kena Health™
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